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Carol A. Gordon, C.E.O.


Carol A. Gordon is the Founder, President & Curator of Unspoken History Treasures, a private collection of over 35 years of African American artifacts. The Collection is inspired by her late uncle, Thomas Bramble, who knew that important historical artifacts not publicized at that time, but popular with collectors now, were rapidly being lost. She teaches African American History using actual museum quality artifacts. Carol also has tours, and gives presentations to the community, giving a voice to the artifacts from our ancestors by telling of our rich history. The collection teaches you that “You have to know where you came from in order to know where you are going”.

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Unspoken History Treasures has recently been featured on Verizon FIOS1 series “Heroes on Long Island” and on News 12 “Black History Month Series 2012”, as well as “Diversity Long Island”. Carol also has been featured in many newspaper articles throughout Long Island.

Unspoken History Treasures

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